ASCC Sno*Fall Rally

Dec. 9, 2000
Carlton and St. Louis Counties, Minnesota

Photos © 2000 by Tim Winker.
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sf00_l2_1a.jpg 67.5K
#1 Yarroch/Yarroch
Subaru Impreza
sf00_l2_2b.jpg 81.8K
#2 Starr/McConnell
Misubishi Eclipse (FWD)
sf00_l2_3b.jpg 61.1K
#3 A. Taylor/Rosholt
Dodge Neon
sf00_l2_4a.jpg 94.5K
#4 Tifft/Tifft
Eagle Talon
sf00_l2_5b.jpg 56.9K
#5 Strohm/Moore
Volvo S40
sf00_l5_6.jpg 48.0K
#6 Carlborn/Seidel
Jeep Comanche
sf00_l2_7a.jpg 89.7K
#7 Page/Hughes
Ford F250 Turbo Diesel
sf00_l2_rj.jpg 77.9K
Randy Jokela
sf00_l2_ds.jpg 59.6K
Ass't RM
Diane Sargent

The Starr spinout on leg 8

sf00_l8_2a.jpg 51.5K
Big slide on a left hander...
sf00_l8_2c.jpg 59.8K
...into a shallow ditch.
sf00_l8_2e.jpg 59.9K
Halfway out
sf00_l8_2f.jpg 67.5K
Flat RR
sf00_l8_2g.jpg 64.0K
Joel Briggs installs the mini-spare

Some shots from Checkout

sf00p_chris_rd1.jpg 175.7K
Christianson Rd
fresh snow, no tracks.
sf00p_grader.jpg 163.9K
Met this guy coming around a corner.
sf00p_cow1.jpg 138.3K
Cow in blowing snow
sf00p_nwr1.jpg 159.9K
Bridge on
Norway Ridge Road.
sf00p_plow.jpg 163.5K
Some roads were plowed, but not all.
Other photos
4t-b-lo_2.jpg 168.0K
Randy Jokela's new license plate
sf00_l2_rjb.jpg 64.4K
Jokela's new (used) 4Runner
sf00x_rj.jpg 61.9K
RM Jokela
sf00x_tay.jpg 67.3K
Bill Taylor, Al Taylor, Dana (Taylor) Goetz

Photos taken with Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera.

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